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Manifestations of Beauty: Victoria B.C. Teacup

Manifestations of Beauty: Victoria B.C. Teacup

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I love this photo so much. The lighting and shadow. The linen tablecloth.  The intricate shape of the coffee cup handle. The exquisite, intricate, dainty detailed gold leaf pattern. How the gold leaf in the black bottom part of the cup shines so golden bright. The intricate lighting on the inside top of the cup. The lighting and shadows on the saucer. Such amazing artistry in this wonderfully crafted cup! Such beauty in the afternoon light. Such wonderful hot flavor of tea at sunset in December in Victoria.

General Information on my manifestations of beauty blog posts:

Beauty dances in many forms,  in many manifestations, for example, over time a caterpillar becomes a larvae  becomes a butterfly.  This is beauty observed through time.
Yet  Beauty can also be a single moment, a single photograph. Single moment beauty can viewed through many different filters.  The same beauty, the same moment, seen differently,  With each filter bringing out a different aspect  of the unspeakable and multilayered  beauty in each object.

I have been red green colorblind all my life, I see the world differently than those who are not colorblind. I often wonder how they see. Perhaps because of this, I love taking the same photograph and looking at it through different filters using programs like aperture, Lightroom, and Photoshop.