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Alaska Train from Seward to Anchorage August 2016

The views were spectacular on the train from Anchorage to Seward on the Alaskan Railway in August. All the photos were taken from the train. There were places to stand and feel the wind and rain and photograph without having to shoot through windows. This is a truly amazing rail ride and one I will always treasure.

Click on any photo to see a larger version.

Glacier Bay National Park Alaska Icebergs 2016

After breaking off the glacier, the icebergs are what I found most fascinating. Below are photographs of these ephemeral beauties that were floating near our ship.

With shapes like birds, animals, and wonderful blues whites and greens these were tremendously beautiful.

Hope you enjoy them!  Simply click on any image to see the larger version. I will be making individual blog entries of my favorites.

Tracy Arm Alaska Icebergs and Glacier

My mother wanted to take a last minute cruise to Alaska, and I found one! Below are photos from Tracy Arm in Alaska. I took many pictures of a sailboat sailing among the icebergs and was surprised to find one where they were mooning our cruise ship, the Amsterdam. Had a wonderful time with my mom!