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My goal is sharing Beauty, Service, and Courage

My goal is sharing Beauty, Service, and Courage

* DSC_0107 Red White Rose blossom

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Enjoy! There is so much beauty and courage in the world!

Green River Gorge Resort

For 47 years, since I first started teaching Psychology at Fort Steilacoom Community College, the Green River Gorge has been one of my favorite places in the world.

Soft water cutting through solid rock over millions of years, the roar and clearness of the water, the steep trail down to the river, the waterfall, and the once hot tub under that waterfall. These all make me feel humble at the beauty, and grandeur, and “mysticalness” of this place. The fact that the place is overrun by drunks and rude people during the summer means only that I must go there when few people are there.

A few weeks ago I went again and was able to capture the best shots possible of this place (and nothing can compare to the reality of this place). Here are a few photos.

Raindrops on Leaves

Walking with my Dog Louie, twice daily, through the wooded trails here at Jubilee, and at Tolmie State park is a great pleasure, and and a great healing, for me.

As a person with a “photographer’s eye” I see beauty that many people miss. Having my Iphone camera with me makes it easy to capture some of that beauty, crop it, edit it, and now share it with you. It rains a lot here :) but the raindrops on fallen Pacific Madrone leaves is spectacularly beautiful.

I hope you take time to see the beauty near you.

Beauty of raindrops on leaves

Amidst the sadness, loss, pain, sorrow and anger in this world, there is also so much beauty. Beauty that reminds me we are all part of something much bigger, and more beautiful, and good. I took this photo on a walk with lovely Louie this morning. Stop, take time to see the beauty, and rest in that beauty. Have a great day.

Daisy in bloom, “Everlasting Pretty” with background darkened

So much symmetry, a bright flower, petals silky white, stretching in all directions, yellow center unfolding in yellow, mathematical spendor.

There are so many beautiful Daisies along the path this time of year along the Jubilee trail. I wanted to make this daisy stand out.

The scientific name for the daisy is Bellis perennis. Bellis is Latin for pretty, and perennis for everlasting. Everlasting Pretty!

According to Wikipedia, “the whole head closes at night and opens in the morning.¬†Chaucer¬†called it “eye of the day”. And, “The English Daisy is also considered to be a flower of children and innocence.”

Irregardless, I love this flower, its magical mathematical symmetry, its shining in the sunshine.

Alpha Martin and Omega Steed Science Fiction Article Reading

Below is the reading by the author, Dan Windisch, of his science fiction story Alpha Martin and Omega. This is from his book of the same name that is available as a paperback book and a Kindle book on the Amazon website. Many people prefer listening to a book rather than reading it. This is for those people! I hope you enjoy it. The story reflects much of my philosophy of living and dying and beauty and magic.

Alpha Martin and Omega Steed, Part 1.
Alpha Martin and Omega Steed, Part 2.
Alpha Martin and Omega Steed, Part 3.
Alpha Martin and Omega Steed, Part 4.
Alpha Martin and Omega Steed, Part 5.

Paradox and Choosing

Paradox and Choosing article reading from Dan Windisch’s Alpha Martin and Omega Steed book that is available on Amazon and hopefully soon to available as an Audible book.

Reading of the article Paradox and Choosing by the author, Dan Windisch.