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Cloudy day: Pond Shapes and Light

It has been awhile. Still recovering from open heart surgery six months ago, finished full-time teaching and am now on summer break!

These are photos of water, and shapes, and cloud reflections, taken on my walk in February 2016.


Favorite Photos: Fall 2013 at Bloedel Reserve, WA

Fall 2013 at Bloedel Reserve, WA

Click on any of the thumbnails to see an enlarged version, with description.

These photos were composed on a wonderful Fall late afternoon in the golden light of a beautiful, magical place, Bloedel Reserve in Washington, Near Poulsbo.

Here are the photos full size for your viewing pleasure.

Favorite Photos: Springtime Flowers Remembered!

Springtime Flowers Remembered!


With the rain and short days of winter it is good to remember that spring will come again!

Yellow daffodils and red tulips opening to the warmth of the sun,
bordering green lily pads and quiet pond.
Butchart Garden in Springtime!
by Dan Windisch