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Plum Village Bell at 5:30 AM and translation

Morning Bell and Songs

Every morning,
In the dark of pre-dawn,
at 5:30 am,
while stars like glittering jewels observed in silence,
a buddhist nun would ring the huge bell,
and the deep vibrating gong would ring long,
moving slowly
into silence.
Then the sister would sing a song
with a beautiful sing-songy Vietnamese voice.
Then silence again,
and another ringing of the bell,
And another song.
This goes on for for 30 minutes.

Empty am I of thoughts,
Full of Joy and Peace.

Google translate of French on Bell at Plum Village.

“Body and mind in perfect harmony. I send you my heart with the sound of this bell. All those who hear me. And out of oblivion transcend any anxiety and pain. At the sound of the bell. I feel that in me afflictions Begin to dissolve. My mind is calm, relaxed my body. A smile on my lips born. Concentrating on the sounds of my bell. I ram my conscious breathing a true home. In the garden of my heart Peace blooms like a flower.”

The Buddha statues at Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village Mindfulness Workshop

I attended Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village Mindfulness Workshop in France from October 9-16, 2015. It was an amazing, life altering experience, and and I will have several posts about that healing, mindful, experience.
Walking among the sunlit, cool Fall mornings, with their rustling yellow Fall leaves, I had the pleasure of reflecting on, and reflecting into photographs, the peace-full beauty of 3 outdoor Buddha statues at Lower Plum village and upper Plum Village.
Just as an aside, words are powerful!  Usual words for photography include words like “taking a picture” “capturing an image” “shooting a picture.” My photos below are “reflections into photographs.” They were not “captured”, “shot”, or “taken.”