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Photos of the Sea from our Christmas 2016 South America Cruise

I love the Sea, I always have. Since I was a child looking at the Pacific ocean and wondering about Japan so far, far, away. 

I loved the sea as a naval officer on the USS Independence watching with awe as the airplane elevator rose and fell during quiet times and  major storms. I loved the Sea as a PACE professor on US Navy ships in the Pacific Ocean as I worked on my doctoral dissertation for 3 years. And, in recent years, I’ve loved the sea as a passenger on cruise ships (a bit better accommodations than US navy warships)!

I love the waves as far as you can see, the curve of the earth in the distance. I love  feeling so small against vastness of it all, and yet I am comforted, knowing that I am also an important part of it all (perhaps because I, too, am the eyes of God observing his beautiful works with Joy and peace and appreciation and gratitude). I love the changing colors of Sea and Sky at sunset and sunrise.

I love the light bursts on water through the clouds that sparkle that move across the ocean with brightness and contrast.

I love the power of the storm, the quiet rains, the sunsets over water, the smallness of all the ships that pass in the night.

I love it all.

These are some gorgeous art from my camera and lightroom from our Christmas cruise to South America during Christmas break 2016.

Beautiful Eld Inlet at Sunset

This is a 16X20 poster I made during one of my “Beauty and the Soul” Workshops at the monks cottage at Eld Inlet (I misspelled it on the poster) in Olympia Washington. Gorgeous sunset reflected on still waters. Peace. Be Still. Reflect.

Dan Travel: Ireland 2011

Ireland March 2011

These are some of my favorite photo compositions from our SMU Ireland trip.

Click on an photo for more information. Large photo files so may take a bit of time to load the photos once they are clicked.


Favorite Photos: Fall 2013 at Bloedel Reserve, WA

Fall 2013 at Bloedel Reserve, WA

Click on any of the thumbnails to see an enlarged version, with description.

These photos were composed on a wonderful Fall late afternoon in the golden light of a beautiful, magical place, Bloedel Reserve in Washington, Near Poulsbo.

Here are the photos full size for your viewing pleasure.

Manifestations of Beauty: Green Lake Kayaker at Sunset

Green Lake Kayaker at Sunset


I love this picture I composed of Green Lake in Seattle at Sunset. The natural beauty of this lake in the middle of very busy Seattle, with its thousands of families, walkers, bicyclists, and people in their own worlds listening to music on their phones; the natural beauty is amazing, and what draws all these people here.

I did three versions of this picture, the first version is the original picture which has the space needle in the distance, as well as three transmission towers on top of the hills, and a streak of white light, which is the headlights of a car, at the water’s edge. In the second two versions I eliminated the transmission towers and streak of light so that the emphasis could be on the peacefulness, and meditation, of a kayaker on a beautiful lake at sunset.

I love the shapes and forms of the tree limbs that I used to compose this photo, reflections of light on the water, how still and reflective the water is, and the gorgeous colors, as this kayaker glides in the beauty of it all.

Favorite Photos: Mother and Baby Ape: I Wonder

Mother and Baby Ape: I Wonder


This is a photo Ive spent a lot of time on. The picture quality wasn’t good, it was sunset at  the Wild Animal Park in Escondido and it was the last light of the day. Mother is looking down, the baby on her back is looking up with wonder, it is the last light on trees, these sentient beings, and the world.

Wonder, last light, mother and child, standing on solid stone, generations, trees, all one. A special moment, then another moment comes, and this moment becomes a memory. Life goes on.

Manifestations of Beauty: Victoria B.C. Teacup

Manifestations of Beauty: Victoria B.C. Teacup

Be sure to click on the photo to see the full sized image!

I love this photo so much. The lighting and shadow. The linen tablecloth.  The intricate shape of the coffee cup handle. The exquisite, intricate, dainty detailed gold leaf pattern. How the gold leaf in the black bottom part of the cup shines so golden bright. The intricate lighting on the inside top of the cup. The lighting and shadows on the saucer. Such amazing artistry in this wonderfully crafted cup! Such beauty in the afternoon light. Such wonderful hot flavor of tea at sunset in December in Victoria.

General Information on my manifestations of beauty blog posts:

Beauty dances in many forms,  in many manifestations, for example, over time a caterpillar becomes a larvae  becomes a butterfly.  This is beauty observed through time.
Yet  Beauty can also be a single moment, a single photograph. Single moment beauty can viewed through many different filters.  The same beauty, the same moment, seen differently,  With each filter bringing out a different aspect  of the unspeakable and multilayered  beauty in each object.

I have been red green colorblind all my life, I see the world differently than those who are not colorblind. I often wonder how they see. Perhaps because of this, I love taking the same photograph and looking at it through different filters using programs like aperture, Lightroom, and Photoshop.