About Me: Dan Windisch

About Me, Dan Windisch

I am a now retired emeritus college professor, a photographer, a man deeply in love with life (and my dog Louie), a poet, and a 74-year-old man who loves beauty, service, and courage and who wants to share it with the world.    
We live in a world where media, television, and  network news  emphasize the worst, the ugliest, most terrible stories possible.  Humanity is seen, and broadcast, only at its worst.    
The beautiful, the compassionate, the caring, the loving,  the humanly moving stories, and photographs, and poems, are overall ignored by media.    
As a society therefore, I think we are  drowning in ugliness,

while surrounded by beauty,

often unseen.

I want to share some of the beauty that surrounds us all with anyone in the world would like to see it, and add to it.  There is so much beauty in the world! 

I have no ads. Enjoy!

Dan Windisch

4 thoughts on “About Me: Dan Windisch

  1. Sally Kay Petit

    Beautifully stated by one of the most beautiful hearts I have ever known. He nourishes life, simply by living it. Present, kind, caring, giving, and authentic come to mind with no need to ponder. I adore seeing the world through your eyes Dan.

    I could spend my day on your page easily. However, your photography, poetry is not something to simply taste here and there. I want to consume and digest it. And so, I will continue to take smaller bites, so that I may absorb it’s nutrients.

    There really is so much beauty in the world. Starting with you.

  2. Matt Sweeney


    Thank you for sharing your website with me and your poetry and photos. I receive them as gift from your artist’s eye and your poet’s heart. I sure hope your surgery went well. We held you in our thoughts and blessed you at the time of your surgery. Sure would like to hear how it went for you and hoping you heal well.

    Warm regards…Matt Sweeney (from your Mindfulness and meditation retreat)

  3. Kay Musso

    Dr. Dan . .. thank you so much for sharing the beauty you have captured and beauty in yourself. This website and your art, both visual and linguistic are truly gifts that will keep on giving, enriching those who come in contact with this shimmering sliver of who you are. I am inspired to create my own version, because, like you, I have so much to give ~ Kay
    […a few of my favorites are: Lincoln, Lisa and Gerold on the bus, the big, tall mamma moose, the reflection lakes, and the jellybean video . . .]


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