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Snoqualmie Falls in Winter

This is a 16X20 poster of Snoqualmie Falls in Winter.Snoqualmie Falls varies from a trickle to a cataclysm in different times of the year. WInter is magical. Does the gentle mist know of the crashing waters that gave it birth? Power and gentleness, mist and majesty. Ice and water and mist. All one. Meditative. In-Joy Enjoy.


Dan Windisch Poems: Waterfalls and Mystics Rising

Waterfalls and Mystics Rising
by Dan Windisch 020214

Water thunder-tumbles down. Waterfalls.
Mist rises.

Waters falling;
mists and mystics rising!

Cycles of water elves whirling in mist.
Water-falling, mystics-rising!

And, I?
I and me meander,
mind floating,
in misty
rising waters.

That waterfall,
is me,
Reflects Me in my many rising and falling forms.

As I and We,

Waterfalls and mystics rising.

16X20 Snoqualmie Falls Poster


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