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On being the eyes of God, observing, sliding into, exalting with, His/Her Beauty

On being the eyes of God, observing, sliding into, exalting with, His/Her Beauty.
by Dan Windisch 12/16/15

can be
(and there are so many moments in my life when I have been, and eternally in that moment
the created for,
loved by,
and surrounded with
Love and Peace and BEAUTY. 

Yet Capital I and little i, and we,
so sadly, and so often, are not quite feeling it.

Like busy bees,
with a celestial orchestra  just beyond my/our hearing range,
that we hum and hymn when our brains quiet down.
Where did I hear that before?
And why does it make me smile with the Beauty, and Joy, and Love of It?

 Like a touch so soft in our dreams from our Beautiful LOVE
that we just can’t quite feel when we awaken, yet we know is there,
and that makes us smile,
not knowing why,
before we slide into the busy-ness, business of the day.

I love it when I especially,
am in that Special moment, or minute (and eternally),
am consciously aware that
I truly (and perhaps only)
the eyes and ears, of God,
observing, sliding into, and exalting with,
His/Her/Our Beauty and Love.

Mystical moments,
that remind me truly who I am.

Human: Multifaceted Diamonds

Human: Multifaceted Diamonds

Dan Windisch 1/29/00



each one …

unique and wondrous facets …

of an infinitely faceted …

gorgeous …

constantly changing …

ever evolving …

life diamond.


Each facet,

a unique human being/


dancing …

each living/creating/sharing/dying …

reflecting in their own special ways …

God’s light.


As counselors/teachers/friends and family

it is our task …

to brighten up  …

to cherish …

to lighten the pain… the dirt… the sorrow …

to bring out the potential …

to help each unique person …

shine/dance brighter …

in the loving light of God.