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Cactus shimmering from within: 3 views

Outside of the La Brae tar pits in Los Angeles was this wonderful cactus that seemed to shine from within. Below is the original and two B&W versions of the original. Beauty seen from multiple color and Black and white  persectives!




White Duck, Curves, Dream Glow, Beauty

I loved the curve of the duck, so I’ve cropped the photo and put a “white dream glow” around the edges. I also love the dreamy black eye and the red beak.

Below is the original photo at the Seattle Woodland Zoo.


Seattle Zoo: Animal Creative Photos

A listening, then talking sheep. The gorgeous curves of a white duck, and that white duck plucking its feather, and three versions of a photo of goat with mosquito for you viewing please.

Click to enlarge! Enjoy. I used Lightroom to make the effects.