Sacred Places: Hollyhock Cortes Island, British Columbia

Hollyhock Institute, Cortes Island, British Columbia, Canada.

For me, this is a sacred place located on a small, Isolated Island in British Columbia. I came here first in 1978 for a 13 week long resident fellow program that helped shape my life. Each week was a different workshop, I attended an I Ching workshop taught by John Blofeld, who translatedthe  I Ching into English. I attended a dream workshop, where I learned that I was a Rainbow Man, a healer and a teacher. I attended 10 more workshops where I learned more about who I was as a human being and as a part of this beautiful world. I worked outdoors and in the gardens and in the kitchen. I heard the wind in the trees, the coming and goings of the tide, and that faint feeling of those who had lived here so long ago, on this shore, in these woods, for thousands of years before I came. I knew that I, too, was part of them.

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