Reassembling Part 5: Tyler’s gifts of leaves and twigs

We celebrated Tyler’s 2nd Birthday while we were in Texas! His often quick and cherub-like smile always melted my heart. And  he was such a very busy boy! Among many other things, every time we were outside he made it a deliberate point to often, and delightedly, bring to “Poppa Dan” a handful of leaves and twigs and Fall dirt. I was honored to receive such gifts!
Below are 2 photos of Tyler OF his most recent gifts. One photo is while “Momma Stu” and “Poppa Dan” were having their picture taken. The second photo is of the breathtakingly beautiful and uniques wood twigs in my hand that he had shared with me. Each twig is gloriously small, and worn, and unique, and gorgeous. Treasures that I would not have seen in my sorrow. Great gifts indeed. Thank you Tyler!

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