Reassembling Part 4: Stark limbs, flowers in sunshine, dad and son

The following quote rings so true to me “We are remade in times of grief, broken apart and reassembled.” from The Wild Edge of Sorrow by Francis Weller 2015 page 1

This series is how our trip to Texas to visit Bryan and Sarah, and our grandchildren Tyler and Colin, was/is such a precious part in my slow “reassembling.”

I am Yin and Yang, I am the paradoxes where the two contradictory parts of me are both true. The stark dead limbs of tree against a blue sky, and the beauty of flowers in full gorgeous bloom, both true, both me. Both are parts of me reassembling.

I think of God as my Good and Loving Father (interesting that Good spelled another way is OGod). And that reminds me of Bryan who loves and protects his son. In the picture below Tyler needs his dad to help pick up a too heavy pumpkin. Makes me smile :)

Yin, Yang and Good Fathers.


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