Reassembling, Part 3: Baby Colin and New Baby Warmth and Closeness to Heaven

The following quote rings so true to me “We are remade in times of grief, broken apart and reassembled.” from The Wild Edge of Sorrow by Francis Weller 2015 page 1

This series is how our trip to Texas to visit Bryan and Sarah, and our grandchildren Tyler and Colin, was/is such a precious part in my slow “reassembling.”

There is something primordial, and peaceful, and reassuring, in that warm puddle of warmth that is sleeping baby Colin on my shoulder.
It makes me smile when I see the picture below of Susan, my love, holding baby Colin, enjoying that warmth and loving that baby.
And I have deep sensory memory of my holding Colin, of his radiating warmth,  reassuring, and deeply tranquil. And I love his new-baby smell, and the softness of his skin as I gently kiss his head. And I too, protect and love him. This, is also a wonderful gift of grace, helping me reassemble.
But there is a wisdom, and a still-closeness-to-heaven that I know but cannot prove. But I know it and believe it to my core.
I see evidence of that in the picture below of Bryan and Colin. In that moment, in that precious and passing moment, there is a wisdom that shines and communicates between Colin and Bryan. Do you also see that baby Colin wisdom, shining in the baby’s eyes, in that moment of connection?
I also see evidence in the picture below of Colin looking at me as I take his picture. His hand in that moment reaches out to me, there is a wisdom and compassion in his eyes. A gentle proof to me of his still-closeness-to-heaven. That moment passes, but for that instant it was there.
The wonder of a world that I only partly perceive, and the warmth, compassion, and beauty  of baby Colin, help reassemble me. Thank you God, thank you Colin.

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