My goal is sharing Beauty, Service, and Courage

My goal is sharing Beauty, Service, and Courage

* DSC_0107 Red White Rose blossom

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Often you can enlarge a picture by clicking on it. Some photos, when you click on them (like the Rose above) take awhile to load because they are big files. Be patient. Enjoy!

My photos, poems, and audio recordings are copyrighted, but the purpose of my blog is to share. Because of this I’ve made it possible to download any of my photos by right clicking them and saving them to your disk. Feel free to download them and make prints or use them on your computer for personal use only . All I ask is that you let me know that you liked them and have downloaded them by emailing me at or That will make my day!

If you want to use any photo or poem for commercial use, or for use by a non-profit you will need my permission. Please email me at or requesting that permission.

Many of my original photos have much larger original files and will not blow up to large sizes well from the downloads from this blog. If you need these larger files you can again email me at or .

Enjoy! There is so much beauty and courage in the world!

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