Manifestations of Beauty: Succulent with shining halo

Manifestations of Beauty: Succulent with shining halo

Original Yellow glowing plant with art shadows.

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Above are the  original and two final versions  of “my Manifestations of Beauty: Succulent with Shining Halo.” Click on the “next” and “back” arrows to see the pictures in succession. Be sure to see the full sized image on any photo by simply clicking on the photo. To close the full sized image click the x at the top of the photo. I hope you enjoy these photos from Esalen Institute on the Monterey Peninsula. These photos were taken in March 2014 on my iphone camera.

Original Photo

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What caught my eye when I saw this were the following things: the yellow backlit halo above the very green leaf, the beautiful curved shape of that yellow Halo, the light shining subtly all the way through the green leaf,  and the shadow pattern from the artistic nearby fence on the far leaf.

Cropped Color Photo

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To bring out what I thought was most beautiful, I cropped and removed the parts of the picture that distracted from the essence of beauty I saw. The above is the result,  a moment that will never happen again  with this sunlight and with these shadows.

Black and White version of the photo

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Although I love the color version, the black and white version emphasizes even more  the curves, the shapes,  the curved shape shadows. Both are beautiful in different ways.

General Information on my manifestations of beauty blog posts:

Beauty dances in many forms,  in many manifestations, for example, over time a caterpillar becomes a larvae  becomes a butterfly.  This is beauty observed through time.
Yet  Beauty can also be a single moment, a single photograph. Single moment beauty can viewed through many different filters.  The same beauty, the same moment, seen differently,  With each filter bringing out a different aspect  of the unspeakable and multilayered  beauty in each object.

I have been red green colorblind all my life, I see the world differently than those who are not colorblind. I often wonder how they see. Perhaps because of this, I love taking the same photograph and looking at it through different filters using programs like aperture, Lightroom, and Photoshop.

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