Manifestations of Beauty: Shining Succulents!

Manifestations of Beauty: Shining Succulents!

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In the color picture there is a yellow luminance that seems to shine from the very soul of the plant!

The B&W version provides a much more sinister view of the same picture. I like the contrast and see each as equally beautiful in its own way.

General Information on my manifestations of beauty blog posts:

Beauty dances in many forms,  in many manifestations, for example, over time a caterpillar becomes a larvae  becomes a butterfly.  This is beauty observed through time.
Yet  Beauty can also be a single moment, a single photograph. Single moment beauty can viewed through many different filters.  The same beauty, the same moment, seen differently,  With each filter bringing out a different aspect  of the unspeakable and multilayered  beauty in each object.

I have been red green colorblind all my life, I see the world differently than those who are not colorblind. I often wonder how they see. Perhaps because of this, I love taking the same photograph and looking at it through different filters using programs like aperture, Lightroom, and Photoshop.

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