Manifestations of Beauty: Green Lake Kayaker at Sunset

Green Lake Kayaker at Sunset


I love this picture I composed of Green Lake in Seattle at Sunset. The natural beauty of this lake in the middle of very busy Seattle, with its thousands of families, walkers, bicyclists, and people in their own worlds listening to music on their phones; the natural beauty is amazing, and what draws all these people here.

I did three versions of this picture, the first version is the original picture which has the space needle in the distance, as well as three transmission towers on top of the hills, and a streak of white light, which is the headlights of a car, at the water’s edge. In the second two versions I eliminated the transmission towers and streak of light so that the emphasis could be on the peacefulness, and meditation, of a kayaker on a beautiful lake at sunset.

I love the shapes and forms of the tree limbs that I used to compose this photo, reflections of light on the water, how still and reflective the water is, and the gorgeous colors, as this kayaker glides in the beauty of it all.

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