Dan Windisch Poems: Do-Be-Do-Be-Do


Copyright by Dan Windisch 5/15/00 drdanw@comcast.net

Dr. Dan’s Theorum 1 of Mental Health…
is simple…
We do, then we be, then we do…

A dance of shining, then reflecting,
sun, moon,
kissing, being kissed,
laughter, echo of laughter cherished in a canyon,
givng a massage with creativity and joy,
receiving a massage with thankful awareness,
lover and beloved,

digging old brown dirt with rich smells and muscles bulging,
then sun on your skin… and lazy red colors flowing through closed eyes,
yin and yang.

Accomplishing, letting go.
Amerika a do-do society,
India a be-be society.
Balance buddy!

We know how to do…
goals, priorities,
datebooks, contacts, objectives, brainstorming,

teambuilding, incentives, rewards, salaries, hard-driving, competition, busy at all times,
take-no-prisioners, never be a loser, the one with the biggest toys wins….
at  the end …
or in the middle …
an aching emptiness.
Is that all there is Alfie?

We, as a So-sigh-a-tee,
simply don’t know…
how to be.

Here’s how I be,
when I be my best …
by living moment to moment …
between the busy-ness …  and the e-turn-all-ee,

Walking to a meeting,
i feel the air between my hand,
get lost in the moment,
slide great-fully, gratefully,
into its eternity… then slide back
I walk on.

The wind touches my face cool and gentle,
then moves on…
… moment cherished.

Muscles in legs contract, i feel them move,
the Power, the Organization,
axons fire,
muscles contract and release, a symphony of balance, electricity, contraction, expansion, and I, balanced above it all, marvel at the unconscious orgiastic orcheastic…
beauty of it all.

the awesome wonder of it flawlessly all,
overwhelms me …
then I move on.

At home i vacuum the rug and listen to the answering machine.
And the wonders begin…
The taste of a grapefruit, sweet, stronger than ever my most cherished memory of it,
overwhelms me.

The feel of water pounding through multiple nozzles onto my naked body
wakes me, thrills me, reminds me even more of how weak memories are,
how joyous the simple pleasure of water,
how strong the joys of the moment.

Soft, sweet smelling, and CLEAN sheets thrill me as I crawl into bed.
How great are the moments.

The walk in the woods outside my house.
How busy the ants are in their busy world as i watch, then walk bye.

Clouds shift and shape o-blow, oblivious of me,
leaves blown brown in the wind,
an old dead tree stands white stark against  new green leaves,
rabbits lay in the sun, then, nervous, flee flop away,
A hawk in gentle slow curves with sharp eyes waits for its next meal,
Frogs sing loud, love, croaking sounds in waters surrounding me.

I am part of it all. I be.

Do be do be do.

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