Beauty in the photographs details 1: Appreciating Panama Canal Photo

Knowing what to look for, and what the photographer saw in the photo, adds to the appreciation of the photograph. Below is a photo as we were in the Gatun locks in the Panama Canal in December 2016. What I love are the details, the woman alone on the deck observing, the very small space between the ship and the edge of the canal, the workmen looking up, the lines of the rails, the lighthouse. Each are such a small part of the photo, yet so important, even in their smallness, Each detail adds to the appreciation of this photo.

Even though it is not a “great” photo, knowing the details adds so much. Hope you appreciate the photo of this engineering feat, where people are small, and lines and shapes dominate, as viewed from a cruise ship. In the final photo I cut out the lighthouse to emphasize the smallness of the people, the lines, and include the picnic table.

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