Baby Buddha Beauty

This is a photo of one of our 5 beautiful baby grandchildren, Lincoln!

I love many things about this photo. The glorious beauty of the folds and texture of the blankets are breathtaking! The colors of the towels are gorgeous! And his expression, oh my God! The slight smile, Mona Lisa like, with eyes wide open, and wisdom shining.
And, I didn’t realize it till recently, how much he looks like a Buddhist monk in his blue robe clothed by baby wisdom that I so wish I had access to.
Like most wisdom, and most things, this was a passing moment. Soon he would be playing, crawling, exploring, doing, eating, pooping, crying, and smiling again in wisdom. But in this photo, at this moment, his wisdom and beauty shine permanently. And it is a joy to see it again and again. Perhaps it reminds me too of my own beauty, and of yours too!

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