“Angel” stained glass Driehaus Gallery Navy Pier Chicago

This is another stained glass from the Driehaus Gallery of Stained Glass on the Navy Pier in Chicago taken in 1986 with details from the same photograph.

I’ve always loved angels and this is such a wonderful depiction!

I start with the closest view of the angel.

Angel (I?)
by Dan Windisch 2016

The angels curly hair caresses, and rests quietly, gently, on her shoulders.
She has pensive, unfocused, thoughtful eyes.
Her left arm rests against one railing,
her left hand rests, gently, on another railing.


Her right arm is relaxed, by her side,
with her fingers caressing the tip of one iridescent, shining wing,
fingers that can only feel,
but not see,
the wings iridescent, shining beauty
as she also lifts her gown
to rise,
from one step,
to yet a higher step.

Yet her foot

One last, gentle touch of the familiar.

Before rising to the next step.

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