Agopal Hotel Songea Tanzania 2015

Susan and I have stayed at the Agopal Hotel in Songea, Tanzania for the last 3 years as I completed my Fulbright Specialist lectures on Positive Psychology and Counseling Psychology to St. Augustines University and the medical school, and while Susan prepared and brought students on service trips to Chipole.

It is a wonderful oasis just outside of Songea built by a former Tanzanian Ambassador with wonderful rooms with hot showers, air conditioning, and beautiful green landscaping. A bit more expensive (and infinitely much better than the rooms in town that cost 20,000 TZS (about $10), the cost here for a wonderful large room with breakfast was 60,000 TZS (or about $30 a night). So peaceful compared to the hectic, loud, red dusty, and motorcycle-clogged and very busy Songea.

The doors are on the house where the widow of the ambassador lives on the grounds of the hotel. Enjoy!

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